Connected Horsemanship
            at Valkyrie Ranch

Connecting horse and human in
relationship and communication

About Us

What Is Connected Horsemanship?

 Connected Horsemanship represents a whole horse approach to care and training. Connected Horsemanship improves the well being of our horses through holistic care, teaches humans how to enter into a real friendship with their equine partners, and establishes mutual communication between horse and human.

 Two main divisions exist within Connected Horsemanship. The first is connecting the horse: mentally, emotionally & physically. You must recognize and be aware of the individual attributes that come together to make the horse what it is. You work to encourage the development of each individual part while connecting it to the whole. The second is the connection between the horse and their human. This connection can only be developed through relationship and communication, all while keeping in mind that both are a two way street.

To have a real relationship means that two separate beings willingly work together. To have real communication means that you can tell your horse things in a comprehensible way and understand what your horse is trying to tell you.

What a beautiful thing it is to witness or be a member of a connected horse and human duo. To move effortlessly in a playful dance: There is nothing like it.

Lauren Sands Vaughn

Lauren has fostered a passion for horses her entire life. She spent her childhood taking riding lessons and her teens years working at various ranches, soaking up as much knowledge as she was offered. As a teenager she participated and competed in 4-H Horse and Pony project. 
In addition to the many lessons she has learned from her own experience, research and from veteran horseman she has been privileged to work with a few notable trainers including Dee Howe & John Saint Ryan.
She worked as an assistant to Dee Howe, trainer and craniosacral therapist, for over 4 years. Dee planted in her the understanding of how the horse's physical condition effects the horse's overall performance and attitude. To learn more about Dee and the body work therapy she does, you can visit her website and

In 2011 she also had the opportunity to work as a full time intern at Red Rose Ranch for 3 months under the tutelage of 3 time Doma Vaquera National Champion, John Saint Ryan. While there, she expanded her general training experience and was introduced to the discipline of Doma Vaquera, roping and riding with the Garrocha. She also received instruction in classical dressage.

In October 2012 Lauren participated in the first ever Western Dressage Association Train the Trainers Clinic in Colorado. While there, she learned all about the rules, regulations, mission and future of the Western Dressage Association. She is available to teach Western Dressage clinics and to instruct horses and riders in the discipline, whether it be for competition or pleasure.

From 2012-2014 Lauren served as the head riding instructor and trainer for Triple C Ranch in Menifee, CA. In 2013 she competed in Mustang Makeover with her mustang selling for the second highest amount. In 2014 she competed for the California Western Dressage Association state high point in the open division and received a Top 5 Award. She then moved to Western Montana for 2 years while her husband was getting his Masters degree at the University of Montana in Missoula. While there she continued training horses, mules and riders. She competed in Western Dressage every chance she got and also won the open division buckle at a local high point show series, which included western and English rail classes. While in Montana she was also introduced to the sport of mounted archery!

In 2016, she relocated back to Southern California.

She has been published in Natural Horse Magazine twice, first in 2013 with her article Dressage for the Horse and then again in 2015 with the article Lateral Movements Demystified.

Valkyrie Ranch

Connected Horsemanship was founded in 2012 and has been expanding ever since! We are now transitioning over to Valkyrie Ranch in an effort to incorporate all of our endeavors which include breeding Nubian Goats and Mini Lop rabbits, raising a variety of chickens, quail and ducks, and don't forget about the cart pulling Llama!

Please contact us to inquire about the availability of any baby Nubians, Mini Lops, chicks or quail.