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Extreme Mustang Makeover: Week 2

Posted by Lauren on February 8, 2013 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Day 9 (Monday): Had the bareback pad and the little kiddie saddle on her today and turned her out in the arena. She is a great mover :D

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Day 10 (Tues): Today I put the light weight synthetic saddle on and stood up in the stirrups on both sides. Also bridled her...she is not so sure about the bit lol. I have also been starting to teach her to side pass to me.

Day 11 (Wed): Started today with the taking territory exercise. She is pretty submissive so I wanted to wait until she trusted me first and then just use it to reinforce my leadership. It only took once on each side before she had it down like a pro lol. Backed her with the light weight saddle again and worked on "side to" me up on the fence and would put my leg over her from the fence, all just preperation for getting on.

Day 12 (Thurs): She is pretty well used to being groomed every day and she leads really well, just follows me around. Worked on "side to" from the fence again and put my big ol' ranch saddle on her. I have been putting her in the little catch pen in the corner of the arena while I ride Cheyenne...she watches and learns ;). And I actually sat on her for the first time today!!! Had my dad there as ground support and then got on the bareback pad from the fence, just sat for a little while petting & talking to her and bouncing/moving around the jumped off the other side. Her main concern was whether or not she was going to get a carrot for this! lol

Extreme Mustang Makeover: Week 1

Posted by Lauren on January 31, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Here is the video of us bringing her home!

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Day 1 (Sunday): We sat in her stall reading for a few hours and she would approach us and smell us.

Day 2 (Mon): Spent a lot of time in her stall throughout the day. She does let me approach her and stand next to her now. I also threw the tarp into her stall and she played with it! So then I put the lasso rope in and she sniffed it. She likes to explore things!

Day 3 (Tues): Today she let me pet her! :D Only at her middle though (side, back, shoulder, neck...). Continued to play with the tarp and this time I put the rope in stretched out a bit so every so often she would step through one of the coils as she was walking by and drag it a bit, she would kick it off but did not get bothered about it.

Day 4 (Wed): We got a lot done today! Still spending time just sitting with her throughout the day, also going in and giving her a pet when I walk by. I started with a cinch wrap. We played with the lasso rope, just touching her all over with it and swinging it around at first. Then I put it around her neck and worked on giving to the pressure which she picked up very quickly. I did the same thing around her nose, that took a little longer for her to get the hang of and she didn't like it at first, but after she learned togive to the pressure on her nose she let me stand at her head and pet her face. Also but the rope around her rump which she intitially wasn't too fond of but after she relaxed into that I was able to put the figure 8 wrap on her.

Day 5 (Thurs): Repeated the pressure exercise around her neck and nose but used a lead rope instead today. Haltered her for the first time and started on leading.

Day 6 (Fri): Wrapped 1 hind leg & practised leading.

Day 7 (Sat): Practised leading, worked with tarp, wrapped other hind leg, walked out for the first time, turned out in the round pen with surcingle, saddle pad and started on picking up her front feet.

Here is a video of her leading out