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What every horse owner should have on hand!

Posted by Lauren on November 6, 2013 at 11:20 PM

After being called out to help with a clients "semi-emergency" on a Sunday (which, by the way, is my day off) for the second time that month I decided it was neccessary to put together a basic list of natural remedies that every horse owner should have on hand and know how to use. Of course there are real emergencies when we need a vet and of course you should not hesitate to call one if that be the case, however, it is still nice to have something that can help in the mean time...

Horse Owners Natural Remedy Preparedness Kit 

¨      Lavender Essential Oil: Forany kind of trauma, stress or injury. Calming & healing, creates overallsense of well-being.

¨     PeppermintEssential Oil: For respiratory & digestion. Goodfor colic, digestive upset, coughing or other respiratory issues.

¨     ArnicaMontana: A homeopathic remedy that helps kick start thebodies healing response in the event of any trauma, injury or illness.

¨     NuxVumica: A homeopathic remedy, can be used for colic/upsetstomach, also should be given before &/or after any necessary vaccines oranesthesia to help it clear & prevent side effects.

¨     EpsomSalt: Internally used as a detox & laxative, can begiven to help alleviate/prevent colic. Externally used as a poultice or soakfor injuries (sprains, strains, swelling, soreness, etc.). Being a source ofmagnesium it can also help balance minerals in certain horses.

¨     Psyllium: Clearssand out of the digestive system to help alleviate/prevent impaction colic.

¨     TeaTree Oil: Very strong, natural, topical antiseptic to helpprevent infection.

¨     Peppermint Leaf: Given internally as a brewed tea or just the leavesmixed into feed. Supports respiratory & digestive systems. Can alleviatedigestive discomfort/colic.

¨     FennelSeed: Given internally, can be whole seed or powderedform, helps alleviate gas colic & upset stomach.

¨     PainRelief: Cayenne Pepper & Devils Claw (both in powderedform, given internally) have anti-inflammatory & pain relieving properties.

¨     AcupressureChart: You should make sure to always have an acupressurechart available as one of your first lines of defense in the event of anillness or injury. Using acupressure points you can support any/all of the bodysystems that are being affected. Here is a link to a great articles about thebasic of acupressure & a free chart you can print out:

¨     Activated Charcoal: Use internally in the event of poisoning.

Conventional First Aid suggestions to also have on hand…

¨     Antibacterial:Iodine, hydrogen peroxide, nolvasic or the like, for cleaning any open woundsto prevent infection.

¨     Topical Wound Care: Includes dressing/ointment, cotton rolls& bandages.

¨     PainRelief: Aspirin, Banamine or Bute; always nice to haveavailable in severe situations & emergencies. Use as directed by aveterinarian.

¨     Liniment: Used topically for stiff, sore, achy or injured muscles.

¨     Extra things to have around: Buckets, palatable feed to mix with medicine/herbs, clean rags, an oral syringe, polo wraps, twine or rope, all emergency contacts & phone numbers.


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