Connected Horsemanship
            at Valkyrie Ranch

Connecting horse and human in
relationship and communication


Training for Humans...

Lessons are available for all stages and ages, whether you love horses and seek to begin riding lessons for the first time or you're a seasoned rider/owner who would like to expand their knowledge of horsemanship techniques. Lessons are customized based on the individual's experience and goals, but will usually consist of ground work (leading, liberty, round penning, lunging, trust and leadership exercises, etc.), grooming and basic care, and riding. Lessons teach individuals how to be in tune with the horse via body language, how to clearly communicate to the horse what you are asking, and how to interpret the motive behind why horses behave or respond the way they do, all while encouraging confidence and fun.
Be prepared to receive instruction throughout the entire lesson. Adjustments will be made to how you move on the ground (in order to give you an understanding of what your own body language is telling the horse) and your riding seat, position and posture to help you better develop your communication skills in the saddle.

Also ask about our Bandana Club! This is a unique and fun approach that allows you to move through the "levels of horsemanship".

Interested in Western Dressage? If you would like more information about Western Dressage or would like to participate in lessons and/or clinics specifically geared toward Western Dressage, please contact us to get your questions answered and to set up a lesson date! You can also find out more about Western Dressage at and Click here for their recently published "What is Western Dressage?" document.

 Rider Seat, Posture & Balance Lessons on a Lunge Line This gives riders a chance to really concentrate on their seat without having to think about controlling the horse. The goal is to develop an independent seat, effective aids, balance, correct posture and build your own strength and confidence. I strongly recommend that new students start out with a couple of these lessons first, especially if you are new to riding. These lessons will usually last 30 minutes (depending on the strength and level of the rider) and can be with a western saddle, english saddle or a bareback pad. -$30

Beginner Children's lesson for horse crazy kids (ages 5-9) looking for a fun, educational and thorough introduction to  horsemanship with an emphasis on safety. This type of lesson will usually last about 30 minutes, including grooming & tacking up-$20

Horsemanship/Riding Lessons with your horse at your location.* These lessons are for horse owners/caretakers who wish to enhance their horsemanship skills at their own ranch and develop better communication with their own horse. Whatever level you are at, you can expect that we will start out with basic communication from the ground before proceeding to the riding work to ensure that you and your horse have a stable foundation for a connection in the saddle. Lessons usually last around an hour or so depending on the needs of the horse and rider-$50 for private;  group lesson rates also available.** If you do not yet have you own horse, we do have lesson horses available for private lessons-$40 at my ranch in Menifee.

All students will need to sign a release of liability waiver and wear a helmet while mounted.

*All new students wishing to take lessons on their own horse must begin with a consultation with the horse to check in with the horse's physical soundness and abilities, as well as their mental and emotional state. This gives me the opportunity to develop a game plan to help you gain ground with your horse effectively. This first consultation is included in the cost and is, depending on the situation, considered part of or all of the first lesson.

**Price for lessons at your ranch is for those in the Menifee/Murrieta area. Prices will be adjusted to cover transportation costs for ranches outside of these areas.


Clinics can be a fun, affordable way to get a lot of information in a short course within a group setting. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a clinic at your ranch. Prices will depend on our individual agreement. Please inquire about what we could work out for your unique situation. Clinic themes & topics can include:

  • Western Dressage (various levels)
  • Straightness Training (in hand and/or riding)
  • Liberty Work & Trick Training
  • Geometry of the Hoof©,
  • Equine Good Citizen© Program
  • Biomechanics of Riding
  • Building Your Horses Confidence With Obstacles
  • Body Control & Maneuverability
  • Using Essential Oils For Your Horse's Well Being well as customized riding or ground work clinics for beginner-advanced level equestrians. We can also customize the topics covered within the clinic that you host. Clinic may be formatted as a group all working together or as consecutive individual lessons. 

I am also willing to do clinics, lectures & demos for fundraising, educational events, riding clubs, etc. Again, please contact me and we can work something out for your unique needs and situation.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming clinic, please subscribe to my e-mail list on the home page to receive  my newsletter and information about upcoming events.

Horse Training...

Due to the amount of lessons and teaching events currently going on, Lauren will not be taking in any outside training horses for 2017 except on a very limited case by case basis.

Buying, Selling & Stud...

Please see my stud & sale page. 
If you are looking to sell your horse but do not have the time & know-how, or perhaps your horse need some training or a tune up first, I can put together a consignment training package. Your horse will be worked with & gain skills that help its "sellability." I can take care of all showing,advertising & discussions with prospective buyers until sold. I also put together a video that highlights your horse's unique strengths and helps your horse stand out.

I also offer my expertise to buyers even if I do not have a horse available that suits your needs. If you need professional help to ask the right questions, look at all the details and help find you your very own dream horse that is just right for you, please contact me and I can put together an affordable service package to help stay out of the horse trader trap!
Lauren is currently also researching Equine Gastric Ulcers and conducting trials on an Ulcer Heal Herbal Blend. Click here for more information.